Horse stable for Xmas

It is again December and time for a little DIY project for Xmas!

I was searching for an inspiration for quite some time, until I recently got a big wooden box from the local gardening center. The idea took a spark straight away; we have some toy horses but no stable for them!

I got some materials now gathered for this project


and managed to start with scrubbing and painting.


Looking forward to create something nice, hopefully!



Little art gallery

Today I went to get some last materials for the crafting table. I headed to IKEA because I needed a bar where I could hang some pots for crayons etc. But while there I got even better idea: I would buy a little shelf that is meant for displaying photos. Then I would attach the metal bar under it, so I would get more functions to the entire thing.

And so I made this, and all without screwing machine! It really was very easy to turn those screws in, creating the entire thing took about 15 minutes. I also got some hanging pots, I chose plastic ones although they had metallic ones too. But I don’t like that metallic noise and banging together. Also, I was glad to find black and white pots and they can also stand alone when not hanging.


Finally I placed some inspirational pictures to few photo frames, later on the kids can make their own art and it can be added to the gallery.

I just love how this thing looks and how functional it will be! I already placed some crayons, chalk bars, glitter glue and fabrics for crafting to those little pots.


Welcome (on) board!

Today I finally had courage to think about cutting my nice magnetic/chalkboard vinyl roll to the right size for my board and attaching it to the MDF plate.

I went for a second time to the local hardware store, to get the correct vinyl glue. At the first time they tried to sell me some carpet-attaching glue but I was not convinced. Now I found on my own the perfect glue. Sometimes I find it hard to get things done in hardware store.. But now Having the glue I took a look of how to proceed with the board. I was quite frightened.. Putting my scissors through the vinyl was a big step to take, I was thinking if I would not get it right. But it went ok, although I must say that the vinyl really cuts fast, just by touching it with scissor blades. So must be careful when cutting.


I noticed that the applying the glue is really easy, especially when the tube had a brush in it. But attaching the vinyl over glue was bit more challenging. Some glue got spreaded also on top side of the board so I needed to wipe the entire board at the end with a wet cloth. I hope it helped and there will be no glue drying on the surface. I noticed also that some air/glue pockets formed between the vinyl and MDF plate. I tried to push these out as much as I coud but was afraid to damage the surface with too much rubbing.. I hope those will be dissapearing as the board dries.

I could not help it, I must try and see how the board will look on its place. I find it great! The magnets are attaching very well, and drawing with chalk is pleasant. It is also easy to wipe out. So easily done, compairing all the painting I was already afraid of! This is good, and I am even more enthisiastic now to get the entire table finished for Christmas.


Groovy Magnets!

I finished painting the table top, and also coated it with varnish. It is now nice and shiny and you can still see the brush traces on it. I really like the result, I will try to post a photo of it soon.

But now I need to show you what I have found.. I am quite excited!

I was looking for a good way to create a magnetic&chalk board behind the table. It is possible to do this by painting first some layers with magnetic paint and then covering it with chalkboard paint. I did a small research but it seemed that painting with magnetic paint can be rather messy, several layers are needed and still, there is a risk that the magnets will not attach very well to the surface.

Also, I read about the chalkboard paint that it might remain chalky after a while.. So doing the board with paints was not that appealing, and the paints were rather costly.

I started to search for an alternative and I found this, a company called Groovy Magnets

They sell wallpapering that is magnetized! Also, I found from their range a vinyl that is both magnetized and can be used as a chalkboard too. I got even more excited when I saw that they are located in Belgium (like me), the prices were reasonable and attaching the vinyl would be really easy!

I placed an order and some short days later I received these nice things


Now just some vinyl glue and the board is done!


I also found really nice wallpaper just to be placed in the living room. It is magnetized and reaches all the way to the roof. So maybe finally all those floating papers and post-it tags, shoppinglists etc will be gathered in one place. It will also work as a nice place to display cards, photos.. It is not yet on its correct place but.. Isnt’t it just cute!



Color Energy

I always admire calm, harmonious, powdery colored spaces with soft pink, gray, natural white.. But after a while I want to add a splash of bright color here and there. I just love bright, strong colors because of energy and inspiration they can give! So after looking all nice soft powdery colors, I took a decision to paint the table top with magneta pink acrylic paint.

This paint can be diluted with water but it will be waterproof when dry. It is not chalkboard paint because I think it will get too messy if the table top is used as a chalkboard.

Painting the MDF plate was really joyful! I just love the color and the painting work itself. This paint is really easy to apply, it is not messy and it is odorless.


Applying the second layer was easy and I was surprised how even the surface became after the first layed had dried. But the color turned a bit darker too. I kind of like the rough surface structure when you can still see the brush traces. I am still thinking, if should apply a lacquer on top to make it shinier but that is to be decided after the 2nd and possibly 3rd layer are applied and dried.


I felt like artist for a while (see my pink heart creation)! I think I might use the extra MDF plate that I still have just to paint on it with kids. It can be then put aside and be painted over again and again, to create some random art.

While shopping the color I also found this to myself! Coloring books for adults are bit of hype at the moment, they say that coloring those patterns is almost meditative and releases stress effectively. Going to try later on!


Babybed turns to multifunctional drawing table for kids

Okay, here we are, at the beginning of the new Christmas project!

My daughters love drawing and crafting, so sometimes the equipments conquer all the free table spaces (and partly the floor, too). To solve this I thought to use an old babybed that is no longer needed, to create a crafting space where everything is at one place and the creativity can flow freely. To add an extra dimention, I got an idea to add a magnetic/chalkboard to this table too. So the drawings can be directly hung out of the way. And, drawing with chalk or chalk ink is fun!

First of all I had to take the babybed out, measure it and do some planning..



Then to the local hardware store. I had my measurements with me, and I knew what I needed. Still, it appeared to be bit of a struggle, I had to buy HUGE MDF plate and they cut it according to my measurements. All was fine until.. The rest of the MDF plate would not fit to my car. So I left it there, thinking I would pick it up later with bigger car. I came home, saw that one of the plates was half centimeter too long.. So went back, asked the adjustement and also asked them to cut part of the leftover plate so it would fit to my car too. So now I finally have 2 correct sized plates to my table and one extra plate of 112x117cm.. Hopefully I will find some use for that later on.


The basic structure is there, now it only needs some bolts and paint. I took a look to magnetic paint and chalkboard paint at the hardware store, and I am still hesitating if I should paint the table top also with chaklboard paint. It is nice idea but I think that in reality the chalk would stain all the clothes and papers etc. if the table top would be also used as a chalkboard.

Happy and inspired to get this project started!

Projects of past and present

Ho ho ho, we are again entering the pre-Christmas time! The year went so fast, but they tend to, don’t they.

Last year (2013) I made a doll’s house to my small daughters for Christmas and It has been a huge pleasure to follow how much they enjoy to play with it. During this year there has been little updates to the doll’s house; new furnitures, lighting etc. I am ashamed, realizing that I never sent a photo of the final outcome to here.. It was published elsewhere and then slipped out of my mind. But here it is, photo was taken 23.12.2013 at midnight when it finally got finished. Quite on time! 😉 It was amazing to see my daughters expressions when they found the doll’s house from the dark garage after Santa rang the doorbell, with those little lights of it lit and glowing.. Such a heartwarming moment.


I have been thinking already quite some time, what could I make for my daughters for this Christmas. I love the feeling when I can make something out of old stuff that is no more needed, and create something nice and fun out of it. Just letting imagination flow and find out how to do something I did not do before. I love Christmas time but not the shopping phenomena around it. So I will soon start my new present-assignment for this year, welcome new and old friends to follow this project, it is to be relvealed very soon.

I hereby declare the Christmas time started on my own behalf, and looking forward to this cosy warm homely season. Let’s enjoy it!